The Lodge of Harmony 309

Thinking about Joining?

Some of the many questions that may be asked by non masonic visitors to this site is what is it about?  What do I need to know?


Things to Consider Before Joining

1. The decision to join Freemasonry (The Craft) must be yours and yours alone. No one should pressurise you in to joining us.

2. Freemasonry does not discriminate on grounds of race, colour, religion, political views or social standing. Freemasonry is not a religious organisation and neither religion nor politics may be discussed at any of our meetings. However, you do need to have a belief in something greater than ourselves, we describe this as a belief in a supreme being, but we do not dictate the form this should take. You are required however, as part of our ceremonies, to take an oath on a holy book, most commonly a Holy Bible but any similar book that matches your particularly beliefs is acceptable including the Torah, Koran, Tripitaka, Vedas and many others.

3. Freemasonry is about lasting friendships, built on honesty and integrity, for the good of all our members; our families and friends; and our wider community. As such you are required to be law abiding.

4. We recognise we all live busy lives and as such each lodge (where we conduct our meetings) will meet at different times and frequencies. It is important you choose a Lodge that matches your life style and interests. The Lodge Membership officer will explain the time commitment involved. However, the needs of your family as well as your work commitments must always take precedents over our meetings. Having a busy career and family will compliment, not hinder, your involvement in Freemasonry.

5. The financial commitment required to become a Freemason is not onerous, but there are costs of membership that the Lodge Membership Officer will make you aware of. Our meetings normally involve a dinner (Festive Board) after the ceremony. Additionally you will have many opportunities to visit other Lodges and as you meet a wide and diverse range of new friends you will want to invite them as a guest to your lodge meetings. Costs of membership include:

Joining and membership fees; dining fees; one-off cost of regalia; Charity and Alms collections;

Masonic Charity and festival donations.

6. We pride ourselves in our charitable giving and you will be expected to contribute, without detriment to your financial wellbeing or that of your family. This can range from collections during or after our meetings, raffles to regular charitable donations.

7. Whilst Freemasonry will be your hobby or interest, it is important that your immediate family or partner is supportive of your membership. They will have many opportunities to support you and your Lodge’s social events.

8. You will be asked to complete an application form (P Form) and attend an interview.

9. Becoming a Freemason involves undertaking three ceremonies or degrees. These are stories based on the system of morality observed by ancient Stonemasons. Like every part of being a freemason, they are designed to be enjoyable and educational.

10. As you progress in Freemasonry there are an enormous number of ways you can contribute to the running of your chosen Lodge, including one day becoming the Master (Head) of the Lodge. You will therefore, be encouraged to take an active part in your lodge’s meetings and activities.

11. Our meetings are formal and each lodge has a particular dress standard. Your Proposer will explain exactly what is expected. He should also be able to source for you an appropriate Provincial Masonic Tie and a pair of White Gloves.

Here is a link to a fascinating article "A gentlemen’s guide to joining Freemasonry"  click here for the link to this article.

Should you decide that you want be considered as a candidate for the Lodge of Harmony 309, please use the contact us page and tell us a little about yourself.