The Lodge of Harmony 309

Lodge Officers 2020-2021

Following the October Installation the new officers of the Lodge are:-


Worshipful Master  W Bro Rod Rhodes Rod Rhodes (thumbnail)
Senior Warden  W.Bro Keith Stratton  
Junior Warden  Bro Neil Grant  Neil Grant 2.jpg (thumbnail)
Chaplain  W. Bro Les Crowhurst        Les C.jpg (thumbnail)

W Bro Brian Tomlin

 Brian hat
Secretary  W. Bro Mike Fellows  
Director of Ceremonies  W. Bro Pete Evans  Pete Evans.jpg (thumbnail)
Almoner  W. Bro Niel Channing  channing.jpg (thumbnail)
Charity Steward  W. Bro Ray Applegate  Mr Applegate.jpg (thumbnail)
Lodge Mentor  W.Bro Tony Noble  Tony.JPG (thumbnail)
Senior Deacon Bro Will Hodgson  Will.jpg (thumbnail)
Junior Deacon  Bro Lawrence Fay  Lawrence.jpg (thumbnail)
Assistant Director of Ceremonies           W. Bro Brian Baldock  
Assistant Secretary  W. Bro Steve Tatford  Steve T.jpg (thumbnail)
Inner Guard  Bro Mike McHugh  
Stewards  Bro Ivor Coleman  Coleman.jpg (thumbnail)
   Bro M Elliott  
    Bro Trevor Alford Trevor.jpg (thumbnail)
   Bro Spencer Gregson Gray  
Tyler  Bro Ivan Saunders  Saunders.jpg (thumbnail)
Organist (guest)  W Bro Ed Ganley